Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is the most ancient form of health care known to humans. Plants have been used in all cultures throughout history for every disease and illness ever recorded and continue to be effective in the treatment of many conditions.

Although the use of plants in healthcare is currently thought of as alternative medicine, their use has historically been considered the standard of care in conventional medicine.

Today approximately 25% of all prescription drugs are still derived from plants. Some are made from plant extracts while others are synthesized to mimic a natural plant compound. A great deal of research has gone into analyzing the active ingredients of herbs to find out how and why they work. And they do work!

The World Health Organization reports that of 119 plant derived pharmaceutical medicines, about 74% are used in “modern” medicine in ways that correlate directly with their traditional uses as plant medicinals by native cultures.

Botanical medicine comes in many forms; whole plants, teas, capsules & tablets, extracts & tinctures, essential oils, salves, balms and ointments. The form used is dependant upon your individual condition and preferences and many forms may be used together.

We have foundĀ botanicals to be of great benefit in the treatment and management of hormonally influenced conditions such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, depression and inflammation, among others.

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