Telephone Consultations

We welcome telephone and on-line consultations with people from all over the world. These consultations provide guidance, assistance and professional “second opinions” about the many safe, affordable and effective integrative and natural treatments for the majority of conditions that afflict our population. During these lively and informative discussions, you may learn a great deal about your condition, your disease, how your body works and the process of health improvement. We emphasize our exclusive treatment strategy IDNS™ or Identify, Detoxify, Nutrify, Sandby™. We are able to connect the interrelated systems of the body in a way you may not have considered or heard before, which helps get you back on the road toward health and vitality.

Business Wellness

We are available to provide consulting services for local and national businesses to reduce healthcare expenses, reduce sick leave and improve staff morale and productivity. This consulting includes educational and informational presentations composed of topics designed to prevent disease, treat illness, as well as improving health, productivity and profitability.

You will learn that you do not need to live a life victimized by illness and disease. Poor health is not inevitable! You can live a life of health and vitality if you choose. We can consult with you about how to take control over the health of your mind and body and assist your workforce to be happy, healthy and productive.You will also learn how you can save money on health insurance expenses or how to provide affordable medical and wellness programs that do not require insurance.

We can consult with you and your employees about the causes and details of specific diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, including the best forms of treatments from the naturopathic, homeopathic and conventional medical models. We practice true “Integrative Medicine” that skillfully and seemlessly employs the best of all medical worlds to provide you the greatest possible benefit.

Practice Management.

Through our health care practice consulting division, Great Idea Conultants, we provide practice management consulting services for physicians, new graduates and a variety of health and wellness providers with an emphasis upon implementing a membership based business model into their office or practice.

Our consulting fees include hourly, daily, project rates and short term agreements ranging from one day to six months. Travel expenses are additional if applicable.

Give us a call at 480-831-7970 to learn more about our consulting services or provide your information at “Contact Us”  if you would like an AZP™ associate to contact you at your convenience.

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Our Principles

Doceré :

Doctor as Teacher.
Prevanarae :

Prevention is the Best Medicine.
Tolle Totum :

Treat the Whole Person
Primum Non Nocere :

First do no Harm
Tolle Causum :

Treat the Cause
Vis Medicatrix Naturae :

The Healing Power of Nature