Detoxification involves a series of natural processes within the body that aid in the elimination or neutralization of toxins via the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and the skin.

Each day humans are exposed to many thousands of pollutants found in our air, water, food and soil. The fact is, us humans are organic beings forced to live within an increasingly inorganic environment. The organic and the inorganic are simply and frequently incompatible with optimal health.

Common everyday chemicals and materials such as gasoline, paint, heavy metals,household cleaners, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, pesticides and herbicides, inks, over the counter and prescription drugs, dry cleaning solutions and others, pose a sigificant threat to organic life because our bodies often don’t easily break those substances down. As a result, toxins accumulate within our tissues resulting dysfunction, illness and disease.

If conditions are right, toxins can frequently overwhelm our body’s detoxification pathways¬†because they accumulate at a¬†rate that far exceeds our body’s ability to eliminate them. We consider detoxification to be an absolutely essential component in the treatment of virtually all illness and disease if resolution of illness and health improvement are to be realized.

The need to address the significant toxic burden in humans has never before been a greater concern than it is today. The future of healthcare must have at it’s very core an absolute requirement for safe and effective detoxification procedures, ideally implemented long before the immune system and vital organs have become dysfunctional.

You can benefit from our extensive experience with multiple methods of detoxification designed to reduce your toxic burden and improve your overall health.

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Our Principles

Doceré :

Doctor as Teacher.
Prevanarae :

Prevention is the Best Medicine.
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Treat the Whole Person
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First do no Harm
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Treat the Cause
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The Healing Power of Nature