Disease care rules and Health care sucks!

The United States of America does not have a true health care system. If it did, the incidence of chronic disease would be steadily decreasing. If it did, the use of prescription medication would be on the decline.

The fact is, our poorly named health care system is in reality a disease care system. It is focused primarily upon the treatment of signs and symptoms without any attention being provided toward the development and maintenance of health.

This system is a proverbial cash cow as profits are gained not from health, but from disease, illness and infirmity. The USA has the most expensive medical system on earth yet ranks 77th in the world in the health of its population. The reason is simple. A healthy population does not generate revenue. Profits would dry up if people began experiencing a legitimate level of health that would dramatically reduce the need for expensive medical care and treatments.

While disease care will always be required, a shift in perspective is necessary if we are to realize real health care. This shift will require physicians and other providers to begin thinking less like mechanics and more like gardeners. Disease and illness are not caused by a lack of medication. A headache is not caused by a Tylenol deficiency. High blood pressure is not caused by a beta-blocker deficiency and you don’t get arthritis because you don’t have enough NSAID’s in your body!

True health care addresses the cause of illness and disease and treats accordingly. The health of your “soil”, which is composed of your tissues, organs, glands and blood, is of utmost importance in the treatment of any condition. Ignoring your soil is equivalent to expecting your tomatoes to grow in the absence of adequate sunshine, water and maintenance. 

As long as doctors continue to treat chronic illness like mechanics, health care will continue to suck! And the health of the population will only follow suit. Health care would rule if doctors took lessons from the gardeners of the world.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Eric Hampton

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