Dr. Eric Hampton advocates the use of Chelation Therapy.

Chelation therapy involves administering a specific material into the body with the goal of binding a particular substance or substances thus encouraging their elimination from the body. In fact the word chelation is derived from the German word “chele” which means “claw.”  So when we chelate someone or something, we are actually grabbing onto something with varying degrees of intensity and taking it out of the body.

Although the term “chelation”  has nearly become synomymous with the IV form of EDTA, there are many forms of chelation as well as many different routes of administration.  The forms of chelation include DMPS, DMSA, glutathione, various amino acids, some botanical substances, Vitamin C, and of course EDTA.

The routes of administration of chelation include oral, dermal, rectal and intravenous. The oral form is very poorly absorbed and is minimally effective, though it is better than nothing. The dermal form is rarely used and is best if used with DMSO as a carrier, but people will emit a strong garlic like odor during and for a few days after treatment. The rectal form is better than both oral and dermal, but as you might imagine, this method is not a particular fan favorite.

The best and most effective admistration form of chelation is through the direct infusion into the vascular system via intravenous therapy. While most people tend not to be overly enthusiastic about the thought of needles, the therapy itself is actually rather comfortable and relaxing after the little stick of the needle being  inserted into vein to begin the infusion.

The duration of treatment depends largely upon the type of chelator that is used. If Calcium EDTA is used, which is very effective to remove toxic heavy metals, the IV time can be as little as 10 minutes. Usually, other ingredients are included as well, thus increasing the overall volume of fluid, which will increase the infusion time to 20 or so minutes.

If Disodium EDTA is used, an IV drip consisting of 250 cc of carrier solution is used and can take 90 minutes to 2 hours. The treatment is comfortable. Most people like to read a book or magazine and others prefer to watch a DVD on the LCD TV while they get the treatment.

Chelation therapy is a great therapeutic choice for anyone interested in removing toxic heavy metals, chemicals and reducing oxidative  stress while generally improving your body’s nutritional status.

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