IV Therapy for Fibromyalgia & Fatigue

Fatigue is one the most common reasons people visit a physician, and fibromyalgia (FM) isn’t far behind. FM often has associated fatigue but is especially associated with body aches and pains from unknown origins. The exact causes of FM remain under debate, however my professional experience has revealed that there are three primary causative factors.

1. Stress
2. Toxicity
3. Lack of Nutrition

Excessive and poorly managed stress results in an accumulation of epinephrine and norepinephrine, collectively known as adrenaline. If the adrenaline is not sufficiently metabolized it gets deposited within joint spaces and the fibrous sheathes surrounding muscles. Adrenaline looks like shards of glass under the microscope and it’s these sharp edges that can cause pain.

Toxicity results from living in our modern, technological world with it’s abundance of fake food, chemicals and polluted air and water just to name a few. We are organic humans being forced to live within an ever increasingly inorganic environment. As a result, our organs of elimination, the lungs, skin, liver, kidneys and colon become heavily burdened while trying to effectively eliminate all the toxins we are all exposed to each and every day. When the accumulation of toxins exceeds the rate at which our bodies can eliminate them, Ill health can result, and fatigue and FM are frequently the first clues.

The Standard American Diet (SAD), composed of genetically modified ingredients, countless chemicals, too much sugar and not nearly enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids is simply making everyone sick!

So short of quitting your job and moving to a pristine island in the pacific eating what grows on the land, what is one to do to combat all this fatigue and chronic body pain known as fibromyalgia?

Consider Intravenous Therapy. The administration of specific substances directly into your blood stream delivers much needed nutrients directly into your cells allowing them to function in the manner in which they were designed. Minus the stress, toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.

B Vitamins can alleviate stress. Glutathione and EDTA can remove toxic elements, including excess adrenaline. And a variety of nutrients can feed and nourish your tissues, organs and glands, allowing your body to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Simply put, IV Therapy can reduce and eliminate fatigue and fibromyalgia in a manner that few other therapies can. If you have tried other therapies with minimal results and are frustrated with your lack of progress, you might give IV Therapy a try. It just might be the best decision you have ever made!

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