Sick Child Day Care!

What are your options when your child gets sick and can’t go to school or daycare?

1. Call in Sick Yourself…
2. Miss a full day of work and pay…
3. Try to get in to see a doctor, or…

Bring them into the first Sick Child Day Care in Mesa, AZ where they will be cared for in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. That way you will not need to miss work unless you want to!

We can accept your child with a cold, flu, fever, ear infection, allergies, stomach ache, pink eye, strep throat, nausea, headaches and many other minor illnesses that are not of a serious nature. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept a child with HIV, lice, mumps, measles, chicken pox, hepatitis, and other conditions of a more serious nature.

We call our room the “Sick Bay” for easy identification. The “Sick Bay” can take care of a maximum of four children ranging from infants to twelve years of age and is staffed by an experienced and compassionate caregiver who provides care with medical supervision.

Although located within the same building as Maxwell Preschool Academy, the “Sick Bay” is independently owned and operated by the integrative family physicians of Arizona Prohealth, LLC (AZP). AZP is at the forefront of providing a leading edge blend of naturopathic, homeopathic and conventional medical and wellness care to help you and your family to prevent disease, treat illness and improve health.

As an additional community service, Arizona Prohealth, LLC also provides medical and wellness care plus Sick Child Day Care at no charge for the families and students enrolled at Maxwell Preschool Academy (Dobson Road location only)

While attending the “Sick Bay” and with your consent, your child may receive integrative medical treatment with nutritional or homeopathic supplements that are safe, effective and free from unwanted side effects. Treatment with conventional prescription medication such as anti-biotics is also available as needed or desired.

From now on you do not need to miss work when your child becomes ill unless you want to! Drop your child off in the “Sick Bay” for a half day or a full day and we’ll take care of your child while you take care of business. Transportation is available at select schools and locations for a nominal fee.

The “SickĀ  Bay” is currently available only at 2750 South Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ. 85202, and students enrolled at that address may use the “Sick Bay” at no additional charge. There is a $35.00 day fee for children not enrolled at that location. Plans are currently underway for additional locations throughout the valley in 2011.

For more information contact Dr. Eric Hampton at 480-831-7970 or

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Our Principles

Doceré :

Doctor as Teacher.
Prevanarae :

Prevention is the Best Medicine.
Tolle Totum :

Treat the Whole Person
Primum Non Nocere :

First do no Harm
Tolle Causum :

Treat the Cause
Vis Medicatrix Naturae :

The Healing Power of Nature