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Patient Feedback from individuals, families and business owners who participate in Prohealth programs.

Each of the following testimonials are from actual members of Prohealh and include their real names for authenticity. Links to business member websites are included as a courtesy.

Dear Doctors: We met you for the first time in September to find out what the Body Scan results were, from your perspective. We liked what we saw and decided that we had found two Naturopathic Doctors that we could believe in and use as required. During and after many, many visits, we know for sure that our friends recommendation was the best that we could have received.

As we have told you both personally, we like your ‘practice
model’. Your spend the time necessary to understand any problems or concerns, explain better than anyone else what is going on, and develop a course of treatment for our consideration and approval. You answer any and all questions. You are intelligent, knowledgeable and friendly. To interface with you is very rewarding and satisfying. We have learned more about naturopathic medicine and our bodies in these several months than we ever knew before, or could hope to know.

We look forward to having you two as our ‘Doctors’ and friends for many years to come. We hope to stay off prescription medicine and do it the natural way for as long as we can. We know that with your help, that should be possible.


Bob & Kelley Starry, Sun Lakes, AZ

Hello, my name is James Felder. I am a retired Navy enlisted man. From the beginning being a deck seaman, I had to chip, sand and preserve metal surfaces. The most common preservative was ‘red or green lead’. The stuff was used everyday by someone and I literally ‘got high’ from inhaling it all day.

After my retirement in 1989 I was sent into the VA (veterans administration) system for ‘retirement related illnesses’ due to many years of taking lots of prescription drugs with no results.

In 2004 I was given only a short time to live by the VA doctors, they said ‘things just wear out’. So my wife took me to see Doc Hampton for another opinion. It took only one week of treatment with IV Chelation to realize that things don’t wear out so quickly as the VA doctors thought.

Thank you Doc Hampton for giving me more years with my wife!!

James Felder, SM1 USN Retired, Gilbert, AZ

About ten years ago I was diagnosed with Hemi-Facial Spasms, a condition that causes the face to twitch constantly. Several doctors prescribed various drugs, none of which were effective to any degree.

I went to a Neurologist for four years. He injected my face with various drugs. None worked. He injected me with Botox, which had slight benefits.

Dr. Melinda Whitsell has been treating my face with acupuncture. The results of this therapy have been far more beneficial than other methods tried. I have found Dr. Whitsell to be a caring and professional doctor, whom I recommend for acupuncture and other alternative medical procedures.

Domenic Sicoli, Sun Lakes, AZ

I was skeptical when a friend recommended that I go see the doctors at Prohealth because I had never tried alternative medicine before.

I was having trouble sleeping, my body ached all over and I always seemed to be constipated! To top it off, I had a herpes blister the size of a pencil eraser on my lip!

The five medications I was taking were not really helping very much and I was desperate for help. Dr. Hampton told me he could help me but he said that I would have to do some work. He suggested some therapies I had never heard of and recommended diet and lifestyle changes.

Nothing else seemed to be working so I followed his recommendations and I am glad I did. To my amazement my herpes blister was almost healed after two days and I was no longer constipated. I was having normal bowel movements every day for the first time in years. I was sleeping better and my pain medication was no longer needed.

My medicines are a thing of the past and I feel better than ever!

LeeAnn Martins, Austin, Texas

I have lived in Arizona all my life, born and raised. I enjoy the outdoors but sometimes it does not enjoy me because I suffered from severe allergies and chronic sinusitis. These can be debilitating conditions for me, which often progress into upper respiratory infections, strep throat and pneumonia.

I have spent thousands of dollars on allergy shots, medications, antibiotics and over the counter drugs, all of which I believe made my illness worse. All these remedies would last about two weeks so my doctors recommended that I get sinus surgery, which I did.

After four surgeries and some of the most disgusting, painful and long recovery time I ever experienced, I could not smell or taste anything and when I could smell I was hypersensitive to everything.

I met Dr. Hampton at a presentation he was giving and he recommended Auto-Sanguis therapy. I felt relief after the first treatment. I felt almost cured by the third treatment. I could enjoy the outdoors again without having allergy attacks.

Now I have approximately 3 treatments a year, in my case, the auto-sanguis therapy is the next best thing to a cure for me.

Anyone who is suffering from allergies I would strongly recommend that you visit with Dr. Hampton and give the auto-sanguis therapy a try.

Rene Self, Phoenix, AZ

I am a 72 year old woman who has menopausal problems for the past 10 years. My gynecologists have often altered my estrogen and progesterone medication because nothing was effective for any length of time.

At my age I should have been beyond menopause problems, but I continued with mood swings, sweating and occasional bleeding.

I finally went to Dr. Melinda Whitsell. After performing tests, she placed me on a natural phytoestrogen. My problems disappeared in about 3 weeks. I now feel much better and no longer have the symptoms I use to experience.

I highly recommend Dr. Whitsell for all your health problems.

Shirley Sicoli, Sun Lakes, AZ

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