Who We Are

We are licensed, primary care physicians who have been fortunate to have assisted thousands of people to prevent disease, treat illness naturally and improve health.

Since we first opened our doors in 2001, we have treated people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly and everyone in between as we skillfully blend the wisdom of the past with the science of the present, to bring you the medicine of the future, today.

We are Naturopathic Medical Doctors. We attended SCNM, a nationally accredited, four year graduate level medical training program and are primary care physicians licensed in the state of Arizona. Our clinical training and hours of study are comparable to the medical programs at Yale and Stanford but also include hundreds of additional hours of study in the areas of clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, advanced IV therapeutics, preventative and wellness medicine and much more.

We provide true integrative, complimentary and functional medicine, which combines conventional Rx drug medicine as needed, with alternative, holistic and natural medicine. We have great respect for Rx drugs as we do prescribe them when absolutely necessary.

We recognize the many benefits provided by Rx drugs and we appreciate that many people need them. We also recognize that Rx drugs have many limitations as they typically only manage symptoms without addressing the true root causes of illness and disease. They are also frequently associated with numerous problematic side effects that may require more Rx drugs to manage!

We honor and respect all physicians and their chosen methods of treatment and we also honor and respect their patients who may prefer taking Rx drugs. If they are happy, we are happy that they are happy! We recognize that our medicine may not resonate with everyone.

However, we feel options are important. It’s important to educate and inform people about the abundant natural and healthful alternatives that exist for over the counter and Rx drugs. We take great pride in the fact that we have helped a great number of people to successfully eliminate their medications while improving their health and overall quality of life.

Our medicine works! It’s very rewarding and we love what we do. Stop by our office or give us a call to learn how we may help you too.

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Our Principles

Doceré :

Doctor as Teacher.
Prevanarae :

Prevention is the Best Medicine.
Tolle Totum :

Treat the Whole Person
Primum Non Nocere :

First do no Harm
Tolle Causum :

Treat the Cause
Vis Medicatrix Naturae :

The Healing Power of Nature