Whole Body Vibration

The difficulties of being an astronaut are numerous including many health problems. Due to a lack of gravity, astronauts lose bone density. They lose muscle strength, tone, mass and flexibility.  Other metabolic changes are also common. What is the solution?

Whole Body Vibration! (WBV)

This technology was developed by Russian scientists to counteract the lack of  gravity in space. It worked. Astronauts using WBV did not lose bone density or muscle mass while gaining other benefits.  It worked so well that WBV is becoming highly valued by professional athletes, colleges, rehabilitation facilities and medical professionals as an easy to use tool to improve physical health and performance.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or an astronaut to benefit from Whole Body Vibration. In fact,  if you can stand for 10 minutes, you can realize benefits such as:

• Increased muscle strength, tone and flexibility.

• Increased bone density and strength.

• Enhanced balance and coordination.

• Improve fitness with minimal effort and reduced risk of injury.

• Get benefits of 80 different exercises with changes in body position.

• Strengthens & enhances posture.

• Speeds up metabolic rate.

• Improves circulation & increases blood oxygenation.

• Stimulates and flushes the lymphatic system.

• Decreases Cortisol, increases Testosterone & naturally produced HGH.

• Accelerates healing and recovery during rehabilitation.

Just 10 minutes per day, 1-2 times or more weekly and you can improve your health with minimal effort.

Call our office to learn just how easy and convenient Whole Body Vibration really is. You can enjoy the benefits of WBV for a nominal  usage fee or you can use it daily for a low monthly membership fee.

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